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Ballistic Shields

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GH Armor Systems  GH-SHB1-18X24 GH-SHB1-18X24 Ballistic Shield - Level IIIA¸ 18x24' (No Viewport)

Style: GH-SHB1-18X24
GH Armor Systems  GH-SHB1-20X34 GH-SHB1-20X34 Ballistic Shield - Level IIIA¸ 20x34' with 4x16' Viewport

Style: GH-SHB1-20X34
GH Armor Systems  GH-SHB1-20X40 GH-SHB1-20X40 Ballistic Shield - Level IIIA¸ 20x40' with 4x16' Viewport

Style: GH-SHB1-20X40
GH Armor Systems  GH-SHB1-24X36 GH-SHB1-24X36 Ballistic Shield - Level IIIA¸ 24x36' with 4x16' Viewport

Style: GH-SHB1-24X36
GH Armor Systems  GH-SHB1-24X48 GH-SHB1-24X48 Ballistic Shield - Level IIIA¸ 24x48' with 4x16' Viewport

Style: GH-SHB1-24X48
GH Armor Systems  GH-SHB1-24X51 GH-SHB1-24X51 Ballistic Shield - Level IIIA¸ 24x51' with 4x16' Viewport

Style: GH-SHB1-24X51
GH Armor Systems  GH-SHB1-ID1 GH-SHB1-ID1 ID Decals for Ballistic Shield

Style: GH-SHB1-ID1
GH Armor Systems  GH-SHB1-LED1 GH-SHB1-LED1 LED Light for Ballistic Shield - Includes Battery and Charger

Style: GH-SHB1-LED1
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